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Brand: Bach,

Model: Stradivarius 239

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May 21Edited: May 21

There's a trumpet forum where I asked about the WindSorb. There was a person who thought that it was a dumb idea because the person thought the WindSorb was for remedying leaky water keys. That impression was left by the description on Amazon. The part of the description on Amazon that lead to that conclusion says: "WindSorb has a built-in high performance absorber [I'd say absorption pad] that continuously absorbs spit and water *leaking* from the water key while you are playing your trumpet." It should not say leaking, and it should also not say "while you are playing." One does not open the water key to empty the condensation while simultaneously playing. The use of the word "leaking" could lead to someone thinking in terms of a defective trumpet that leaks while playing. Instead, it should say something like this: "...absorbs the condensation that you release through the water key on the trumpet tuning slide." Bottom line: don't say "leaking." You may also use the verbs drain, release, or empty. Correction offered free of charge. ;-) To correct the misunderstanding, I posted this video to the forum.


May 22Edited: May 22

Dear customer Luis.F.acosta.Jr,


Thank you so much for your very important opinion. Yes, it is possible that some customers can misunderstand about that. Of course, it is not the case of all players. However, it is true that most players can find a tiny puddle on the floor after playing their trumpet even their water key normally works. That's because of lots of small drops leaking from its water key due to some reasons (e.g. instantaneous high pressure inside the trumpet, especially playing high notes that require high pressure, or etc.). We need more objective evidence about that, however, it is clear that there are many people who find the tiny puddle after they play their trumpets.

Anyway, your comments are really valuable in that we did not think about that. So, we changed the description on Amazon to minimize customers misunderstanding. Please check it and tell us more when you need.


Thanks a lot,



You're welcome. I've not noticed the escape of condensation from the trumpet through the water key, but it does come out the bell after a lot of playing. That's where a little puddle could come from.

May 22Edited: May 22

@luis.f.acosta.jr Yes, you are right Luis. That's one reason for that. However, it is simple to check that. Please check the absorber inside your WindSorb after your playing, before draining by the water key. You can find the absorber is wet. It reveals that your spit and water leaked from the water key. If it does not, your water key is perfect.

Luis, if you add the brand and model name of your instrument on your Amazon review, you can get an additional 20% discount. When you do, please give us one more star to make 5-star feedback if your negative opinion is only for the price. And you know the WindSorb is the world's first ever invention. We have developed it by engineered and scientifical ways by the orogyLAB-muchanics professional engineers. We have published a patent for our technology. That's why it is quite expensive. An easy solution needs more payment. Please be understood. We will offer a lower price for students soon.




Young-Tae Kim CEO


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